Doug Jarvis



360º Video Armature
video documentation still, Galleria Mall, London, Ontario
VHS Video Camera, aluminum, leather, plexiglas, shopping bag, bricks
3' x 3' x 2'
The 360º shoulder mounted armature construction allows a video camera to rotate entirely around the participants head balanced by a bag of bricks. The video recording could be viewed afterwards on a television monitor providing the opportunity to see a 360º version of ones head on TV.

Viewing Sphere
video documentation still, Galleria Mall, London, Ontario
Plexiglas, metal carriage, casters, video armature, video camera, television,
4' x 4' x 7'
Viewing Sphere was built as a mobile interactive environment to explore personal and public space. Using video cameras and armatures the participant is able to investigate the space inside and outside of the sphere. P articipant stands inside of the sphere, adjusting vertical and horizontal perspective of exterior video camera via lever controls, observing on internal television monitor.

installation view, two panel ink-jet poster, flip-book, metal chain
dimensions variable,
How-To is an investigation into the public presentation of text signifying personal expression. Two different text passages were presented as posters in the gallery window to explore notions of subjective and objective interpretation. A flip-book containing Google searches of the terms contained on the posters was created to hang outside of the gallery door, accessible to viewers passing by.

Gravity drawing
helium balloon, ribbon, Sharpie, note pad
dimensions variable,
Gravity drawing is a drawing device that employs a helium balloon and gravity to create a single point ink spot drawing on a notepad of paper. The subsequent result is a stratified series of ink blots forming a three-dimensional drawing through the pages of the note pad.

Shoot out the star game
multiple (edition unlimited), ink-jet iron-on transparency, T-shirt
4.5" x 3"
Shoot out the star game is a t-shirt decal multiple created from a pellet rifle drawing done at the "Shoot out the star game" booth at the Sannich Fair, Vancouver Island, BC.


Double Rainbow
Xerox Colour Photo series
Each image 8" x 8"
Double Rainbow is an image from an installation entitled Solar power, Blind Spots, Floaters and Black holes . This series exhibited a variety of images documenting actions and phenomena captured or created while exploring ideas inspired from physics.

Solar powered pen
multiple (edition unlimited) , solar panel, motor, alligator clips, sticky putty, pen
14" x 3" x 1"
Solar powered pen   was created from a solar power car kit that I purchased at the Salt Spring Island market. I connected a pen to the axel of the motor with sticky putty to create a spinning drawing device that was powered by the solar panel when exposed to sunlight. I created a series of drawings using the pen to harness the suns energy collaborating in the creation of the images.

Hearing the sound of a ball roll around inside of my head - Conceptual sketch for interactive headset
Ink and red thread on paper
6" x 5"
This is a conceptual sketch for an interactive headset device that continues my exploration of hallucinating the sound of a ball roll around inside of my head. A stereo head-set with motion sensors would translate the rotating movement of ones head into data that a computer would manipulate to make it sound like a ball rolling around inside of ones head.

Dowsing for failure
Still image collage from documentation video of dowsing process used for selection of artworks in curatorial project
Dowsing for failure was a curatorial collaboration with Ted Hiebert. We constructed dowsing rods from instructions found on the Internet to aid in the selection process of proposals submitted in response to an open call for works addressing failure.  

Drop the ball
Still from video animation
Drop the ball is a video animation created by dropping a sequence of 32 red tissue paper disks from the 3 rd floor balcony of the JPL building at the Banff Centre down towards the video camera below. I removed the blank spaces between each falling disk to achieve the final animation of a fluttering and folding red spot wafting and weaving through the air currents.  

Hypercube Drop and Toss
Mary-Anne McTrowe, Doug Jarvis
Colour Xerox photo prints, series of four
17" x 11"
Hypercube Drop and Toss is a collaboration with Mary-Anne McTrowe performed during the Future of Idea Art residency at the Banff Centre in 2006. Mary-Anne and I passed drawing's of a hypercube back and forth playing with variation on the theme. This version was created from 48 orange tissue paper tubes thrown into the air attempting to draw a hypercube. We performed this as a re-enactment of John Baldessari's series of photographs documenting his attempts to draw geometric shapes from balls being thrown up into the air.

If ears had walls
Colour Xerox photo prints, ongoing series
17" x 11"
If ears had walls is an ongoing project that documents the action of putting my ear against different walls to visually imagine the shape and size of the wall based on what I am able to hear and feel resonating from the wall itself.

It's all in my head
Artist book published by Perro Verlag Books by Artists
8" x 5"
It's all in my head was published by Perro Verlag Books by Artists as a companion to my exhibit of the same name at the Access ARC Project space in January 2007.

Bamsey Franks ride the green wave
Grass, dirt, plywood, 2x4's
12" x 4' x 6'
Bamsey Franks ride the green wave is an earthwork collaboration with David Gifford. We constructed a plywood ramp covered with sod that appears to continue through the front window of the gallery space.

Second Front avatar performance art group
Documentation of Exibart.onpaper Italian print article by Domenico Quaranta
Tran Spire is my avatar and a founding member of Second Front , an avatar performance art group created by nine artists in Italy, England, Canada and the United States. We perform on a monthly basis in the online 3D environment of Second Life creating actions that critically play with the parameters and experience of virtual entities in networked communities and spaces.

Telekinesis competition
Noxious Sector project
Wide format ink-jet photo print
36" x 20"
Telekinesis Competition is a Noxious Sector project collaboration with Ted Hiebert, and Jackson 2bears. We competed against another team to telekinetically influence the direction of melting candle wax onto our opponent's section of the game board. Our team was in Victoria, BC, the opposing team was in London England and the official game board was in Toronto, ON. We will be hosting the 2008 World Telekinesis Competition this summer in Victoria, BC.

Wow! Tran Spire visits World of Warcraft.
Screen shot
Tran Spire, my avatar in Second Life embarked on a journey to try and visit another online 3D environment, the World of   Warcraft. The installation and tour consisted of photos and video documentation of actions in WoW and well as souvenir video capes. The video cape is an item in Tran Spires Op Art inspired fashion line for avatars.

Magnetically Inclined
Ted Hiebert, Doug Jarvis
Wide format ink-jet photo prints, from series of 12 images
36" x 20"
Magnetically Inclined is a Noxious Sector project collaboration with Ted Hiebert where we   experiment   with wearing rare-earth magnets in our toques to observe the effects on our brain activity as we explore our attractiveness to elements in Victoria's down town.

Black spot button
Black ink, button
Multiple, edition of 30
1 1/4" diameter
Black spot button is a black ink drawing on white paper that can sometimes resemble a human head, a chicken or a topographical map. Each button displays a different drawing playing with the ambiguity of a seemingly abstract inkblot.

Crackerjack hand puppet
Snack wrapper, wrist cuff
8"x 5"x 3"
Cracker Jack hand puppet is an inside-out mylar snack wrapper that can be animated by hand gestures to look like a human face or animal head. The re-cycled packaging reverses the action of putting ones hand inside of the snack wrapper allowing the wrapper to talk back.

Tran Spire Hairdoo paper sketch
Paper, hotglue, balsam wood, tape
3'x 1.5'x 1 '
· Tran Spire Hairdoo is a paper sketch of my Second Life avatars hairdoo.