Open Space presents Absurdist Trajectories, a roundtable discussion to wrap up Dowsing for Failure. Curators Doug Jarvis and Ted Hiebert join in conversation with Luanne Martineau, Dr. Ashok Mathur and Daniel Olson on Saturday, January 20 at 4pm .

Dowsing for Failure is a visual art exhibition featuring photography, screen-based media and objects by an international line- up of artists. Dowsing for Failure includes work from Benjamin Bellas (Chicago), Nate Larson (Chicago), Gordon Lebredt (Toronto), Daniel Olson (Montreal), Mike Paget (Calgary), June Pak (Toronto) and Anthony Schrag (Glasgow, Scotland).

Ashok Matur's Blog entry
Absurdist Trajectories Media Release

Photos by Jocelyn Beyak

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