My practice explores conceptual strategies for the artistic production of perceptual and pseudo-scientific processes and devices that question technology as a human attribute. My work incorporates sculpture, drawing, performance, digital imaging, and networked systems to render the experience of being a sensory agent in the world. I perform independent research in an international context constructing theories of collaged space, non-material entities, and the sense and nonsense of engagement with the things around me. I develop projects to challenge and critically engage these ideas and to highlight my own sense of paradox as an active participant in a world in which I absorbs and exhaust simultaneously.

Doug Jarvis is an artist and curator based in Victoria, BC. He is a founding member of the avatar performance art group Second Front and the Noxious Sector Art Collective. He also participates in Open Actions, an action-based performance art group that performs monthly in public spaces in Victoria. His individual and collective work explores absurdity, care, the paranormal, non-material entities and technology as a human attribute. His projects have been presented at artist-run centres, galleries, museums and festivals across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Jarvis is an active member of the Victoria arts community and participates through a variety of municipal committees, non-profit, and artist-run centre boards. He is the Administrator for the ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria, as well as a Guest Curator at Open Space Arts Society and the Board Chair of the Ministry of Casual Living. Jarvis received an MFA in studio art from the University of Guelph, ON and is currently a sessional instructor in the UVic Visual Arts Department.

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