Gut Re-Actions

Gut Re-Actions UWB
Documentation of performance actions, University of Washington, Bothell, 2013
Gut Re-Actions UWB was a performance exploring the potential of my belly brain to influence the sequence and outcome of a series of performance actions. I video recorded a variety of actions that poked, prodded, snapped, ingested, exercised, rubbed, and wrapped by torso area and projected clips looped on a lecture hall projection screen. The resulting accumulative audio track and video collage added to the immersive atmosphere that my actions created for the audience. 




Gut Re-Actions: Haunting USC

Gut Re-Actions: Haunting USC was a performance action and temporary installation at the Fisher Museum of Art hosted by the Center for Religion & Civic Culture at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. The performance installation explored the potential of my belly brain to be an interface to communicate with ghosts and avatars. Projections displayed ghost hunting camera, full spectrum video of the USC campus, and Tran Spire Second Life avatar. The actions were broadcast over the internet and fed back into the space using USTREAM live broadcast. 2013.

• Full spectrum video cameras are used in the practice of ghost hunting. They allow more of the visible light spectrum to be recorded allegedly allowing for entities to manifest in ways that otherwise would not be visible to the human eye.

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