Sphereship has developed out of the idea of spherical thinking. Before hearing the sound of a ball roll around inside of my head I was playing with different ways and models of thinking. A spherical model seemed to suggest a multi-dimensional framework with which to imagine being-in-the-world. More on that later.

I came up with the idea of formaing a Sphereship to play with how friendship and spaceship could collaborate as ideas and inspiration for a type of instrument or vehicle that I could form to explore this coupling of terms. I am still playing with this.

Sphereship was presented at :
Collision Symposium 2006
Inter-arts Research and Practices
University of Victoria
September 20 - 23, 2006

I am forming a Sphereship as a perceptual instrument to play with relationships between multiple subjective entities. I am curious to see how the formation of a relational vehicle, a device inspired by the spatial architecture of a spaceship and the reciprocal support system of friendship can assist in the articulation and development of versions of myself.

Inspired by interpersonal dynamics, Sphereship is more like a friendship than a spaceship. It seeks to promote the relational properties that can exist between the multitude of particles, fragments of data, and surfaces of form that make up the constitution of my being. It is a vehicle to explore how being-in-the-world is simultaneously performed and experienced. It is based on the concept of the sphere as a relational space, using the sphere shape as a departure point to build a vessel to travel amongst spheres. It functions like an Avatar, and re-searches astral projections looking for multiple consciousnesses. The contemplation and questioning of how to articulate, define and build such instrument is the basis of this project.

A sphere can be defined as the set of all points in three-dimensional Euclidean space that are located at an equal distance from a given point. My curiosity is to explore how a perceptual device based on the sphere can assist with the identification and articulation of different dimensions of self. I wonder how it can inspire versions of me to appear while also challenging the existence of anything claiming to be associated to me. Inspired by the ten dimensions that String Theory requires in order to function, I want to explore how the sphere can act as an architectural model to map the dimensionality of relationships and investigate the possibility of the form of self, itself.

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